Patio copy

“Writing home magazine articles for the past decade-plus, I’ve seen plenty of great rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass patio doors that disappear in order to create wide-open, indoor-outdoor space. But I’ve never before seen two walls disappear, including the corner where they meet, as is the case in this house.

“Yet despite such openness and abundance of natural light, my visit to the house left me perhaps most impressed with its materiality. The design by Steve Bock of GSB Design takes its inspiration from the mountain architecture of Timberline Lodge and the heavy industrial buildings of inner Portland, with heavy timbers and big steel bolts. It’s a modern urban home, but it feels just a little bit like a far-away retreat.” — Brian Libby, Portland Architecture.


“My criteria for a favorite was not based only on photographic qualities. I chose my favorite houses as well, ones I could imagine living in. The design has to serve the homeowner, not be solely a work of art…My favorite house — Steven Bock’s home for the Dominic family. Seven kinds of wood warm the inside and outside. Exposed beams and hardware emphasize strength that supports glass walls and open interior spaces.”  — Michael Lloyd, The Oregonian. [Commenting on the Portland Modern Homes Tour of 2014.]